Monday, March 12, 2012

Hello Kitty Glasses

Hey Loves!

A lot of you seem interested in my Hello Kitty Glasses that I wore in my haul video and posted a picture of on Instagram so I thought that I would provide you with a few links to where you can find a variety of them.  They come in a TON of colors and patterns and, can I just say, they are all DOPE!  I'm not even a true Hello Kitty fan--don't hate!--but I'm in love with anything Retro/funky looking right now. Hey, I just like what I like and these are definitely included in my style mix...I like to mix it up :-)

Uh, I may need to get these >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

They can be found online at and Click here for the animal print ones.
If you click the green links above it will take you to the actual sites I found. Of course, there are other websites and you can always scope out your local mom and pop stores to see what you can find like I did. Well, Enjoy!

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